Whether you’re an individual entrepreneur, an SME or a large organization, your potentials customers need a well-crafted website to visit first. Because in today’s era, it’s important to stay ONLINE. And this article will give you every required detail to know how much a remote company cost to build a website?

And whenever we talk about hiring a remote company or building a website, the first thing that comes to mind is “How much it will cost?”

To get a specific answer, the following questions are very much important.

  • What kind of website you want to build, a basic or an eCommerce or an enterprise web app?
  • Which technology do you want to use for the website?
  • Do you have any reference websites in mind? Any preferable design?
  • Which 3rd party API or integrations you want in, like PayPal, shopping cart?
  • Do you want to market that website, using SEO or content?

Once you decide the exact features and what you need in a website, it would be easy to get an estimation or decide a cost to build your website.

Basically, websites can be built as low as in $100 for a personal website or $100,000+ like the AMAZON marketplace.

That’s why it’s very important to clarify the path on which you want to go to build a website and then you get proper ideas on the development cost.

Offshoring a website development to a country like India can easily cut-down your cost to build a website from 50-70% of the total with the same quality of work.

Factors affecting the cost to build a website

Tech Stack:

Tech stack is one of the most important factors affecting the cost to build a website.

One of the surveys published by Netcraft says that in 2020, the WordPress (PHP based CMS) is used by 455,000,000 websites, and here are the statistics by whoishostingthis.com

PWA is also trending in today’s world, which is a Progressive Mobile Apps and can be accessible in a mobile device, look like a native app.

To build PWA the trends following the MEAN/MERN, LAMP rather than a CMS or collection of multiple external technologies.

Front end Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, JQuery

Front end Frameworks: Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js

Back end Technologies: Ruby on Rails (ROR), Node.js, PHP, .Net, Python

Back end Frameworks: (Node.js) Express.js, ASP.Net, Spring, Django, Flask, CI, and Laravel, etc.

Database: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle etc.

Domain Name and Website Hosting:

Domain name is like a website having its name, like techmitraa.com.

You can get a website domain from a little amount like $10 per year or as high as $5000, depending on the name you choose of your brand.

Hosting is the place where you hold your website and other files that are required by your website.

Content and SEO:

This is a digital era, and it’s very much important to market your website. The easiest way to get customers for your business/website is wiring great quality content blogs/articles and Google ranks them on the 1st page.

Also, you can publish your articles over LinkedIn and other social media like Facebook, Instagram.


Maintenance contains the activities like regularly upgrading the server, version of the software, clear the glitches, etc.

Especially, if you’re from a non-tech background and you busy with your day-2-day business activities, you should hire a developer for it.

Why Hiring a Remote Company from India is Budget-friendly?

Firstly, you have the flexibility to hire on a project basis, let’s say if you have a requirement of development 2 weeks per month, you can hire a developer for part-time.

If you have an enterprise website or large project, where you require a developer to keep developing for full time, you can hire a developer for full time.

To hire a remote company from India is easy and cheap with the same quality development.

Why Hiring a Remote Company from India is Budget-friendly - Tech Mitraa?

As per payscale.com, the average pay of a developer in the USA is $76,800 but in India is 10x less which is $6,700 which is very affordable and easy for your business.

Benefits of hiring a Website Developer from a Remote Company

Hiring a remote company to build a website gives multiple flexible options.

Following are really helpful benefits

Agile development process

Agile makes you able to move quickly and easily.

And allows the project to rapidly deliver the modules with multiple iterations one by one.

By hiring a remote company you have a huge advantage to follow the agility in your project development.

Save cost

Building a website in the USA and in EUROPE countries can cost up to 10x more than a country like India where you can find a ton of expert developers with a proven track record and high-quality development skills.

Save time

As you know that this ERA is of technology, and it is changing and upgrading every day. So, it’s important to stay on top of your business is also an essential thing.
By hiring a remote company, you not only get quality project development but also you can save your 100 days and those important times you can invest in your business activities.


When you hire a single developer or team, you have full control of the project and team. And you can drive the project as a CTO as well.

Also, when you hire a dedicated resource, you have the flexibility to change the scope of any number of times you want. But I would recommend finalizing the scope of the project at the initial stage only, that will drive the project smoothly and can save time

How does Tech Mitraa make it cost-effective?

We “Tech Mitraa” is a pool of certified and experienced developers from India. We provide affordable and flexible options to hire dedicated developers.

Also, the people working with us for years now and they are able to grow themselves as well by getting a certification like Zend Certification, Magento 2 certification and many more.

Even our CTO – Mohit, is a certified ZEND PHP Engineer with a top-rated badge on his Upwork profile and he has been able to keep himself in the Top 6% developers of the world on Stackoverflow.

So, by hiring a remote company, you have a great exposure to the certified developers and have quality website development.

Do you have any project in the back of your mind OR you need any technical help for your website?

Get a FREE consultation over here or have a quick connect with our CTO – Mohit at mohit@techmitraa.com